Dew Droplets

image credit: Sandy Kelly

The best of the web as relates to creativity:

Anything is possible with a little bit of Creative Problem Solving. Thoughtwrestling tackles creativity with some notes on problem solving. Don’t forget to write them with your own real-life examples of creative problem solving!

The concept of books is changing very quickly. Perhaps the biggest leap in information sharing since Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press, online media is changing the way we think and how we communicate. What if you could have a Choose Your Own Adventure story where your choices shape the author’s work in real time? What about a story serial that had multiple endings or was re-written countless times through other points of view? Textbooks with notes, highlights, and bookmarks from multiple students or even notes from your own professor right in the margins? Technical manuals that self-update? All of these things may be possible with the use of relational databases and e-Books, says Chris Kubica on Publishing Perspectives. If you had no limits, what kind of book would YOU write?

Having a hard time coming up with that next blog post? Read: 6 Ways to Constantly Produce Quality Blog Content.

With so many people lately raving over Apple’s new iPad, it came as a bit of a shock to read that Peter Bregman returned his brand new, fully functioning device. He argues that the iPad is too good, too consuming, too fun and he is never bored, thus hindering his own creativity. What’s the value of boredom? Do you get your best inspiration while doing nothing at all? Do your best ideas hit in the shower? Taking out the garbage? Trying (and failing) to fall asleep at 2am? Do you make time to be bored, to get inspired? What’s most conducive to your own creativity?

Does your blog have a balanced diet? Let’s see: raisin bran, spinach, roast, chocolate cake, tobasco, check… HubSpot addresses the 5 different kinds of posts every blog should have.


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