Why I Like A Challenge

There are several reasons why I like a good challenge:

rock climbing

image from Flip D

1. If forces me to think. A good challenge forces me to really think. In order to overcome a challenge, I have to be present, set aside all other projects, and concentrate on the one and only challenge that occupies my brain. It requires a clarity that isn’t always present in the everyday routine. It’s centering, grounding. It draws me from my own selfish thoughts and requires a peace of mind, something that shifts my thought process and makes me a little uncomfortable. A good challenge forces my brain to grow.

2. It forces me to use my resources. When there is a true challenge, I am forced to draw on my knowledge, utilize my skills, pull together my assets and put everything on the table. Not only do I bring my pens and pencils, my everyday experience, but also those untapped springs of talent, those yet unused or undiscovered assets. A good challenge shows me that which I did not know I was capable of.

3. It forces me to be creative. When a valuable challenge presents itself, not only does it demand time and attention, but it makes all I do take a back seat to the creative process. I have to think outside the box – or reinvent the box – or break down the box altogether – or put the box back together again. A venerable problem or issue is not something I have ever encountered before; it’s something completely new. I like to think of it as an adventure. On this quest, I may surprise myself. Ideas flow forth from that moment of zen, of complete quiet, where my brain has never ventured before. While the process and the solution may well be influenced by past experience, each one is new and completely unique to the situation. A good challenge brings about change.


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