Defining “Creativity”

How does one define creativity? Is there a secret to the creative process? In what ways can creativity benefit design, theater, business, writing, marketing, athletics, science, math?


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While a more traditional technical definition of creativity involves the mental process using conscious or unconscious insight (or some combination of the two), which leads to discovery of new ideas, concepts, or combinations of existing ideas or concepts, this blog is intended to focus on defining and redefining how creativity works, shaping any and all aspects of everyday life.

To create is to make something of nothing, to put together the pieces of a puzzle in a way they never have fallen together before, but which makes sense and offers new insight. This blog aims to put together the puzzles, to challenge thought processes, and to inspire creativity across the broad spectrum of human invention.

With that, I ask, how do you define creativity? When was the last time you used your own creative intuition? What were you compelled to create?


6 thoughts on “Defining “Creativity”

  1. It’s really hard to define, I think. The best thing we can do is say that we know it when we see it. That sounds really vague, but it’s true. Is there ever any debate over whether or not someone solved a problem creatively?

    If I had to answer this question a little more specifically, I’d say that creativity is a series of obvious answers to non-obvious questions.

    The last thing I did was write a custom song for a friend whose cousin can’t give birth due to her cancer treatment and had asked her sister to be a surrogate. The whole story was totally moving but beyond just writing a song about it, it connected with the recipient on a profound level. For me, it’s deeper than just another song on my album because I’m now a part of someone’s life and they’re a part of mine.

    • Thanks for your insights, Zia. I particularly love the part that says “I’d say that creativity is a series of obvious answers to non-obvious questions.” Although I might reverse that, as well. Creativity sometimes is more akin to picking apart the obvious answers to come back to the non-obvious questions.

  2. I think creativity is everywhere and can be almost anything. You whipped up an amazing dinner? That’s creativity. You formed an excellent outfit? That’s creativity. You communicate through an idea or message through some kind of medium, whether it’s music, writing or art? That’s creativity. It can be demonstrated in the way you decorate your home, the way that you work (for example, did you discover a more efficient way of doing something?) or even in the way you speak.

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